Our first full week back.

We have had a busy week. We started the week with a superb assembly. Thank you for all boys who contributed to this. Congratulations to all the boys who received their Tae Kwondo certificates.


In our English lessons we have started our new text the Iron Man and completed work linked to this. We have looked at Literary Techniques used by Ted Hughes; such as similes, metaphors and personification. The boys have completed work using powerful verbs.

We have also started our new focus in History this week. We have now moved onto Anglo Saxons. We have learnt where they came from and why they settled in Britain.

In Science we have begun to look at light and have learnt about different light sources. In our Investigative Science lesson we have learnt about air resistance.

Our Maths focus this week was division and next week we will continue to reinforce fractions of number.

Our Maths and English Puzzles have now been released and entries have started to come in.

Wishing you a superb weekend!


What a Roman week!

This week we have been focusing on fractions and solving word problems.

We have continued to read the Butterfly Lion and we will be sadly finishing the book next week.

The boys have looked at when we use ‘a’ or ‘an’ and have learnt how to create a piece of persuasive writing.

In Science we have continued to look at our teeth and boys can label the different parts of a tooth.

The boys have taken part in a Roman Workshop and have really benefited from handling Roman artifacts.

First week after half term

It was so wonderful to welcome you all back on Tuesday after our break.

This week we have continued to read Chapter 7 of our focus text The Butterfly Lion. The boys have completed a reading comprehension based on this chapter. Grammar focus for this week has been speech marks. We have continued to understand how a suffix can change a root word. We completed our weekly spelling test and we urge you all to continue to learn those extra ‘Challenge Words’.

In Maths we have looked at the grid method for multiplication and then moved onto the formal method. We encourage you all to keep learning your times tables, remember we would love ‘Quick as a flash’ recall of these.

Next week we will continue with multiplication and the times table test will be based on the 9 times table.

On Friday we took part in team orientated Maths games with the Happy Puzzle Company. The boys were engaged, enthused and showcased their knowledge and skills.

We wish you a safe and enjoyable weekend!


Image result for fireworks

What will you be taking away?

Next week we will start to focus on column subtraction and how we may need to begin to exchange. We continue to work on times tables and we will be testing the six times tables.

We will read Chapter 5 from the Butterfly Lion and answer questions relating to this.

In Science we will continue to learn about origins of food and how different cultures use and view particular foods.

Our History focus continues as we discover the legacies that the Romans left Britain.

We are looking forward to our Harvest Assembly and hope that you are all able to join us in this special celebration.

This week sees the beginning of our food collection too.

Have a great weekend, see you Monday!


It’s all adding up!

This week we continue to focus on column addition, paying special attention to carrying tens and hundreds.

We continue to read the Butterfly Lion and answer questions relating to the text.

In Science we focus on sustainability, food origins and food miles.

Our Grammar focus is different nouns; we will classify nouns and look at proper nouns.

In our spelling tests all boys have been given challenge words to master.

Looking forward to another busy week ahead!