Can you use your initiative?

Are you up for a challenge? Following on from Mrs Whinnett’s PSHEE lesson on initiative, you have been set the challenge of showing us how you use your initiative outside school. Ask someone to take a photo of you to show us how you have completed the challenge and add it to this post with a description of what you did.

Top tips:

Don’t wait to be told – be a Self starter!

So…. Here are seven ways that you could show initiative

  • 1- organise something
  • 2-do it yourself
  • 3-Try something new (something you wouldn’t normally do)
  • 4-Add something
  • 5- do what needs to be one
  • 6- go above and beyond
  • 7- Be a self-starter



Year 3 were very lucky to have a visitor on Friday who talked to them about different Roman artefacts.
The children loved finding out about different rooms in a Roman house and J enjoyed deciding the fate of his ‘slaves’!

Roman visitor